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Experience Remote Work Bliss at Angeli Gardens Boutique Hotel

In today's world, remote work has become more than a trend; it's a lifestyle. At Angeli Gardens Boutique Hotel, we understand the importance of seamless connectivity and a conducive work environment. That's why we've taken significant steps to ensure your work-from-paradise experience is both productive and enjoyable.

remote work

Reliable Connectivity with Starlink

We've recently acquired Starlink internet services, offering you a reliable and high-speed internet connection, no matter where you are on our property. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to smooth video calls and quick uploads. Plus, with our backup generators, you won't have to worry about any interruptions in your power supply. Your work will always go on uninterrupted.

Perfect Work Spots

Angeli Gardens Boutique Hotel provides an array of picturesque spots perfect for remote work:

1. Pool Area: Enjoy a refreshing dip during breaks while staying connected. Our poolside workstations are equipped with ample plugs for your devices.

2. Indoor Dining Sunroom: Bathe in natural light as you work in our serene sunroom. It's a peaceful environment perfect for concentration and creativity.

3. Outdoor Hammock Area: For those who love the outdoors, our hammock area offers a unique and relaxing work spot. Imagine typing away while swaying gently in a hammock.

4. In-Room Setup: Prefer working in the privacy of your room? Simply request a chair and table, and we'll set up a comfortable workstation just for you.

Work Everywhere, Even by the Pool

Our WiFi covers every corner of Angeli Gardens Boutique Hotel, including the pool area. This means you can stay connected whether you're lounging by the pool, dining, or relaxing in your room.

At Angeli Gardens Boutique Hotel, we strive to blend work and relaxation seamlessly. Embrace the future of remote work with us, where every day feels like a vacation. Book your stay now and transform your work routine into an unforgettable experience.

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