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Imperial Stout Wins Pacific Beer Cup (COCEPA).

Today, we want to share with you a success story, the story of our Imperial Stout beer that has conquered the palates of beer enthusiasts at the Pacific Beer Cup (COCEPA).

Our Imperial Stout beer is a masterpiece that has been carefully crafted and aged in bourbon barrels for 12 months. This aging process has been crucial in developing a complexity of flavors and aromas that distinguish it and make it unique in its category.

COCEPA is one of the most prestigious craft beer competitions in Mexico, recognized for its broad positioning and the participation of both national and international brewers. The evaluation of the beers follows the principles and guidelines of the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program), ensuring that the selection and award process is fair and based on international standards.

Our Imperial Stout beer, with its captivating character imparted by bourbon and the extended maturation time, impressed the most discerning judges and tasters at COCEPA. The perfect balance of intense flavors of toasted malt, chocolate, and coffee, along with subtle notes of vanilla and oak from the barrel, made our beer stand out among hundreds of other barrel-aged beers.

This achievement would not have been possible without the commitment and passion of our brewing team, who work day in and day out to perfect our recipes and take the beer experience to new heights. As craft brewers, we have always strived to offer unique and unforgettable beers to our customers, and this award is a recognition of that effort.

We are grateful to COCEPA for providing a platform where craft brewers can share their passion and creativity with the world, and we eagerly look forward to the next editions of this prestigious beer competition.

If you haven't tried our Imperial Stout yet, we invite you to immerse yourself in a unique beer experience, filled with flavors and aromas that will transport you to a world of unparalleled sensations. Let's raise a toast to the exciting world of craft beer and to continuing to explore new horizons with every sip. Cheers!

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